Inclusivity and Well-being: Why Intact Animals Thrive at BARK U

A 4x4 grid of individual dogs posing on different colored backgrounds.

At BARK U, we prioritize inclusivity and the well-being of every dog, regardless of their reproductive status. Our decision to welcome intact animals older than 8 months into group play is not a common practice in our industry. Our decision is rooted in a commitment to long-term animal health and fair treatment, focusing on temperament and sociability rather than reproductive capability. It’s essential to understand that a dog’s suitability for group play isn’t solely determined by whether they are spayed or neutered. 

Why Keep a Dog Intact? 

There are health benefits to keeping animals intact until a certain age, especially for larger breeds. Delaying spaying or neutering can aid in proper growth and development, reduce the risk of certain diseases, and promote overall well-being for our dogs. We do not want clients to jeopardize the long-term health of their animals by spaying and neutering young solely due to the need for boarding or daycare services. 

Are Intact Males Aggressive? 

Any dog, regardless of their reproductive status, can struggle in group settings and may prefer one-on-one interactions. Dispelling the myth that intact males are inherently more aggressive, we recognize that individual behavior varies. This is why having all dogs assessed by a certified trainer is key to ensuring a safe group play environment. Additionally, as dogs mature, their behavior can change. At BARK U, we provide tailored guidance, including temporary breaks from group play when needed, to support dogs (neutered or not) through their growth phases, in an effort to prevent unwanted behaviors and to keep them happy. Some dogs may naturally “age out” of group play, and that’s perfectly normal too!

How Do You Stop Dogs From Getting Pregnant? 

To ensure a safe environment and prevent unwanted pregnancies, we have strict protocols in place. Female dogs in heat are given individualized attention, segregated from male dogs, and engaged solely with female companions until their cycle ends. This meticulous care creates a controlled and secure setting for all our attendees. 

In conclusion, at BARK U, our commitment to inclusivity, well-being, and understanding the individual needs of each dog sets us apart in the industry. By focusing on temperament, health, and behavior rather than reproductive status, we create a safe and enriching environment where all dogs can thrive. Our tailored approach, guided by certified trainers and strict protocols, ensures that every dog, whether intact or not, receives the care and attention they deserve. Ready to get started? Register here to enroll your dog in BARK U and request a temperament assessment. To learn more about our other services, visit us online or call us at 215-486-2200 today!