Dog Boarding

Travel with peace of mind, knowing your dog is in their Happy Place!
  • All Day Play Groups
  • 24/7 Onsite Staff
  • Soothing Music
  • Housekeeping

Incredible Lodging Options From Bark U

  • Cozy Suite
    • All the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.
    • $68 / Per Night.
    • Comfortable 3 x 4.5 bunk.
    • Private orthopedic cot, elevated from the floor for breezy comfort.
    • One 'snuggle' item permitted.
  • Premium Suite
    • Pampered accommodations for a relaxing stay.
    • $95 / Per Night.
    • Spacious 5 x 5 room.
    • Durable, cushioned loveseat designed for a homey night's sleep.
    • One 'snuggle' item permitted.
    • Goodnight Greenie included as nightly bedtime snack.
    • Water Park access included.
  • Penthouse Suite
    • The epitome of luxury, with unparalleled comfort and privacy.
    • $145 / Per Night.
    • Luxurious 8 x 7 lodging.
    • Non-toxic, low platform durable metal bedframe topped with orthopedic mattress to promote natural, healthy sleep.
    • Unlimited 'snuggle' items permitted.
    • Goodnight Greenie included as nightly bedtime snack.
    • Water Park access included.
      • NO late/early check in or check out fees
      • Private 32" TV, programmed to relaxing dog-themed content
      • Nightly turndown service of bed
      • Holiday event fees waived ($20 per event) when lodging the night before and checking out after 12pm on the day of the event
      • FREE premium cookie treat and individual photo during weekend 'pop up' events
      • Other exclusive and personal accommodations upon request

FAQ for Lodging

Are there any prerequisites that must be met prior to my dog staying overnight?

BARK U requires all dogs be over 3 months old and up to date on their rabies and distemper vaccinations. They must also pass the BARK U temperament assessment.

What is included in the price for lodging?

All lodging bookings include all day Group Play. Additional amenities and inclusions vary by room. Add-ons such as grooming, desserts or packages are an additional fee.

  • Early check-in fee ($25) is applied for dogs arriving before 3:00pm the first day of lodging.
  • Late check-in fee ($25) is applied for dogs who depart after 10:00am on their last day.
  • Early/late check in fees DO NOT apply for Penthouse bookings.

What should I pack for my dog’s overnight stay?

We accept food, treats, and chews, such as ears, bully sticks, and bones. Food must be pre-portioned and sent in individual bags for each meal.
One snuggle item (personal item roughly the size of a t-shirt) is permitted for Cozy and Premium bookings. Penthouse bookings are invited to bring unlimited snuggle items.

Will my dog be crated all day?

All day Group Play is included for all guests, with supervision from our trained and certified staff. Group Play includes pop up events and seasonal parties throughout the year. During the summer months, the Water Park is available for all dogs to use. Premium and Penthouse guests enjoy the BARK U Water Park free of charge.
Your dog will only be in their designated sleeping area for mealtimes and bedtime.

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