Travel with peace of mind, knowing your dog is in their Happy Place!

Give Your Dogs a Little Vacation of their Own!

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    Cozy Suite

    This suite provides all the necessary amenities to ensure your beloved companion stays comfortable and engaged. Featuring all-day group play and a snug area furnished with an elevated orthopedic bed for resting, your pup will relish the opportunity to socialize and unwind in this inviting retreat. The suite dimensions are tailored to your dog’s size, akin to an XL dog crate with an open top. If you prefer for your dog to sleep in a crate at night, we can absolutely accommodate that within this package.


  • Training dogs in PA

    Premium Suite

    This spacious 5 x 5 suite offers everything your best friend needs to feel pampered. In addition to all the amenities provide in our Comfort Suite, this upgraded option features a cozy couch where your pup can lounge, snuggle up and enjoy some high quality relaxation time. It’s the perfect spot for them to curl up after a day full of play and adventure.


    15% off each additional dog for multidog households that share a Premium Suite.

  • Training dogs in PA

    Penthouse Suite

    Treat your best friend to the epitome of luxury with our Penthouse Suite. This epic 8 x 7 suite is designed for those who seek the finest accommodations for their beloved pup. Boasting an expansive layout, complete with a large plush couch and bedding and access to a private yard, your dog will bask in unparalleled comfort and privacy. It’s the perfect retreat for your furry VIP to enjoy a truly extraordinary stay.


    35% off each additional dog for multidog households that share a Penthouse Suite.

What Does This Include?

  • All Day Group Play
  • Photos and Report Cards (minimum 2-night stay)
  • 2 Feedings Per Day (3 for puppies under 6 months)
  • Fresh water – 24/7
  • 24/7 Staff to Keep an Eye on Your Pup Overnight
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Lavender Aroma Therapy
  • Safe, Secure, and Friendly Atmosphere with Soothing Music at Night
  • Lots of Love & Affection
  • Medicine Administration (for an additional fee)
Please Note
In order to receive a multi-dog discount, dogs must be from the same household and can safely room and eat together. If dogs who are rooming together need to be separated, you will be charged for two suites. Depending on size, Premium suites may not be able to accommodate multiple dogs. Discount does not apply to Comfort Suites.
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    Do not use for boarding. Look at the bottom of this page.

Stress Free and Fun

We Are Here to Make it Fun and an Enjoyable Experience!

We love seeing dogs playing and enjoying themselves. We take our guests’ comfort very seriously, which is why we require every dog to go through a Temperament Assessment with one of our Behavior Specialists prior to staying with us. This ensures that every dog will be happy and is a good fit for our group play environment. You can take comfort in knowing that your dog is surrounded by safe, playful, happy friends!

Cute Golden Retriever

Socialization and Group Play All Day

Dogs are only in their designated sleeping area for bedtime and mealtime. The rest of the time they are out socializing in our customized play groups that we tailor to each individual dog. Your dog will be in a group that matched his/her energy level, size and playstyle in order to ensure your dog is getting the maximum benefits from proper socialization.

Boarding FAQ

What should I pack for my dog’s overnight stay?

We accept food, treats, chews such as antlers/hooves/ears/bully sticks/bones. As well as one personal item such as a T Shirt. We do not accept toys, beds, blankets, scoops or bowls. We ask that food be sent in measured pre-portioned bags per meal.

What are the prerequisites to board my dog at Bark U?

We require that all dogs coming to board with us are over 3 months old, have their rabies & distemper vaccinations, or age-appropriate vaccines, and has passed their Temperament Assessment.

What is included in the price of boarding?

The price includes Group Play All day. Any add-ons such as grooming services, desserts or extracurricular packages are additional. There is an additional fee added for early check-ins or late departures.

An early check-in fee ($25) is applied for dogs arriving before 3:00 pm on the first day.
A late check-out fee ($25) is applied for dogs who depart after 10:00 am on the last day.

Will my dog be crated all day?

When your dog stays with us, they will receive a full day of supervised play and care from a fully trained staff. Your dog will only be in their designated sleeping area for mealtime and bedtime.

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