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Mainline of Philadelphia’s Award-Winning Grooming Salon

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    Low Stress Grooming Techniques

    At Bark U, we focus on taking our time to make sure each animal is as comfortable with the process as possible. When done this way it allows for grooming to be a positive experience as opposed to a scary one and decreases stress and anxiety. Our grooming staffs goal is to build trust and establish a relationship that will lead to a pleasant, easy and a safe grooming routine for years to come.

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    Highly Trained Grooming Team

    Regular bathing and visits to the groomer are important for your dog’s health and happiness. Our team of highly trained professional groomers work with you and your dog to ensure all services and products complement your dogs needs.

Spa Services

Spa Bath
Includes a shampoo and conditioner based off your dog’s skin and coat needs. All dogs are dried, ears cleaned, and nails manicured.
Tidy-Up Groom
Includes a Spa Bath and a face, feet and sanitary trim.

Full Body Groom
Includes a Spa Bath and full body haircut.

**A de-shed brush out is provided with all bathing services.

A La Carte Services
Our A La Carte Services may be purchased individually or added to any of our package offerings to create a personalized experience that is just right for your pet

  • Ear Plucking
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Gland Expression
  • Nails
  • BUS – Salon Service (Round Trip)

*** Automatic gratuity (18%) is added to any Grooming Service with Bus Service. Please call the office if you want to make other arrangements.

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