Why Having a Highly Trained Staff is Necessary

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When you send your dog to daycare or boarding, you’re entrusting the staff to provide the same level of care (or better!) that you would yourself. Choosing the right doggie daycare starts with the staff. Finding a daycare that employs experienced, highly trained staff is key to ensuring your pup has the best time possible.

Bark U is the only daycare in the area to have several Certified Professional Dog Trainers on staff. These trainers have completed 300+ hours of hands-on training, passed a written exam, and continue to attend seminars to further their education. Having this level of experience on staff allows Bark U to make the best decisions regarding each dog’s behavior. Temperament Assessments are conducted by one of our trainers because they are best suited to evaluate each dog’s temperament to make sure Bark U is the right fit for them.

We want all of our pups to not only be having a great time, but also be as safe as possible while they’re here. To ensure that we are creating the best environment possible, we do ongoing trainings and workshops. All of our staff is First Aid and CPR certified, and complete in-depth coursework in dog handling and behavior from the Dog Handler Academy.  

But Why Is All Of This Training Important?

Understanding dog behavior is key to creating a safe and successful play environment. Dogs exclusively use body language and vocalizations to characterize how they feel at any given moment. Being able to read these signs enables us to determine important scenarios such as:

• When dogs need breaks from play because they’re overstimulated.

• How to create appropriate play groups so that everyone is having fun.

• When two dogs are engaging in negative interactions and need to be separated (before a scuffle ever happens).

• Which dogs may need time to warm up to the playgroup.

• Which dogs may ultimately not be the right fit for this long-term environment.

Failure to recognize the signs of stress in dogs during play, can lead to a host of unfortunate situations. At Bark U, our goal is always for your pup to have the best and safest time possible while under our care

If you’re interested in having your dog enroll in Bark U – Register here and request a temperament assessment. To learn more about our other services, visit us online or call us at 215-486-2200 today!