The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

A graphic that lists the benefit of CBD oil for animals and pets

Recent research has been highlighting the benefits of CBD products for dogs. But what are these products (besides what your aunt puts in her coffee to help with her knee pain)? CBD products are hemp-derived products that contain no THC- and they work in dogs very similarly to how they work in people! There are no altering effects, and CBD products have been proven to help with a multitude of issues, including, but not limited to: joint pain and anxiety problems. 

CBD is a newer product, with new research on it being published daily. As with any supplement, consult with your veterinarian first and make sure you are reading labels with discretion. While the benefits of CBD are vast, you want to be wary of products that claim it can treat any specific disease. Don’t be afraid to call a company to ask questions! CBD has been proven to be safe and harmless for your pet, and the research keeps finding new benefits to these products!

At Bark U, we provide CBD products at the owner’s request to help our guests feel more comfortable and at ease during their stay. A pet can experience a slight bit of anxiety while boarding, especially their first time staying somewhere new. While we provide a comfortable and stress-free environment, we know that our guests often miss their homes and families. Sometimes these feelings can even physically manifest themselves as things like gastric distress. Certain products, like pumpkin, can help with upset tummies, but CBD can help with the overall anxiety that is causing these symptoms. 

We use high-quality CBD oil and mix it into a tasty pumpkin puree that we freeze into a Kong! The toy provides stimulation, the pumpkin provides rapid relief to any gastric symptoms your pup may be experiencing, and the CBD provides anxiety relief to help them get a good night’s sleep so they can be ready to head back out to play all day the next day! 

Of course, we will always respect whatever instructions are given to us by a dog’s owner. We can happily provide our pumpkin Kongs without the CBD additive, which still offers stomach soothing and brain-stimulating benefits! We found this website to be a great source of information, and we are always happy to share more of our resources with you at any point!

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