Why Are KONG’S So Healthy For My Dog?

Chart about Kongs

We LOVE stuffed KONG’S at Bark U! We always recommend them for dogs during daycare, grooming, boarding, and at home. KONG’S are hollow rubber toys that can be stuffed with various yummy, healthy things. Giving one of these toys to your dog during those times when they are bored, anxious, or stressed can help keep them calm, entertained, and out of trouble. It keeps their brain mentally stimulated and focused.

So yes! Stuffed KONG’S really are healthy in many ways, and here is why:

  • Love to Lick! – Did you know? Licking is naturally soothing for dogs. Giving them a stuffed KONG or marrow bone while they are anxious or stressed can help them relax. This is especially helpful when your dog is home alone and/or crated.
  • Dogs are Natural Chewers – Even past their puppy stage, dogs love to chew. Without a proper outlet, they’ll be destructive and chew on your shoes, furniture, rugs – you name it! Giving your dog something appropriate to chew on can help curb those unwanted behaviors and help soothe teething puppies.
  • Will Work for Food – Dogs love having a job to do, and giving them the opportunity to get every last lick of food out of their toy is probably their favorite job to have. In addition to using KONG’S as treats, you can mix your dog’s breakfast or dinner with some yogurt, freeze it, and give it to them at mealtimes. This keeps them busy for longer periods of time and can even help with weight management.
  • Boredom Can Be Destructive – We all know what a bored dog looks like – excessive barking, chewing, digging, and other inappropriate behavior! Keeping your dog constantly stimulated, both mentally and physically, can be an entire job in itself, depending on your pup. But with zoom calls, office meetings, and 12-hour shifts, not every dog owner can feasibly dedicate their days to occupying their dog. Dog Daycare is perfect for dog owners who work or go to school and need this outlet for their four-legged friend. If daycare is not an option, stuffed KONG’S are the next best thing and can help get your dog’s energy out! 
  • Aids in Relaxation decreases Anxiety – By giving your dog an outlet for their mental energy, KONG’S will naturally help them relax and decrease anxiety. You can also use KONG’S to help decrease the likelihood of developing Separation Anxiety in your dog. By pairing leaving the house with giving your dog a yummy stuffed KONG, your dog will have a positive association with you leaving, which then will eliminate any anxiety. 

We highly recommend adding Stuffed KONG’S or Marrow Bones to your dog’s reservation. Whether for nap time at dog daycare, waiting to be picked up from dog grooming, or spending the night boarding, you can’t go wrong by ordering a KONG! 

They will help your dog feel more relaxed and drain their energy. We offer peanut butter stuffed KONG’S and pumpkin Calming KONG’S infused with CBD Oil as well as Raw Marrow Bones for super chewers. Purchases can be made in person upon check-in, or online through your customer portal.

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