Benefits Of Starting Training Young

Dog with a graduation cap on

When you first get your puppy, it’s likely that all you’ll want to do is cuddle and play with it. However, that time can also be used to train your puppy. Most experts suggest beginning training around that eight-week mark, which is typically when most puppies are adopted. There are many benefits to training your puppy young, and below are three of the top reasons!

Strengthens Bond

Training also strengthens the bond between you and your pup! A strong bond with your pup increases the likelihood of your pup listening to you and trusting you. Having a strong bond makes all steps of training easier, too!

Prevents Future Problems

While your tiny puppy biting your shoelaces may be cute now, it will not be cute as your pup grows bigger and stronger. You can nip bad behavior in the bud by beginning training in the early stages!


Of course, a huge benefit of training your pup is socializing them. Having a puppy who is properly socialized makes training and interactions in general far easier. Having a dog who is properly socialized and trained isn’t just good for when company visits; it dramatically reduces stress around: dog walks, dog parks, future additions to the family, and even vet visits!

If you want more specific training, Bark U has you covered! We offer everything needed to ensure that your pup is on track, such as: temperament assessmentsPuppy Training and Socialization, and advanced training.

At Bark U, we love each pup like it’s our own! Our entire staff is first aid and CPR certified, so you can rest easy knowing your pup is safe.

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