Planning a trip out of town, whether for work or play, can be stressful. Knowing your dog will be in loving, well-trained hands makes it much easier to plan without the added worry of their well-being.

Whether you’re traveling for a few days or a few weeks, Bark U will provide your dog with a temporary home while you’re away from Havertown, PA. Let your dog make new friends, play all day, and relax under the care of our expert team while you take a vacation or take care of business.

State-of-the-Art Dog Boarding Facility in Havertown

There are a few things that set Bark U apart from other dog boarding kennels in Havertown. One is our luxury facility. We’d adhere to the highest safety, quality, and comfort standards.

Our kennels are sanitized daily and kept well-ventilated with a temperature control system. Your dog will have their own space for sleeping and eating, as well as spacious play areas for fun and socialization. This includes 7,500+ square feet of indoor and outdoor areas with enrichment activities and playground equipment. We supervise these areas at all times.

All our canine guests undergo a temperament assessment to ensure they’ll be safe and comfortable with other dogs. These assessments also help us place dogs in play groups based on size, age, and play style.

Additional Services Available for Dog Boarding Clients

When you board your dog with us, they’ll have access to the entire Bark U experience. Doggy daycare is included with your stay. But we also offer additional services to make their stay at our Havertown facility more enriching for them or convenient for you, including the following:

Focus on your out-of-town trip while your dog plays the day away at Bark U. For more information or to book your pup a stay at our dog boarding kennels in Havertown, sign up online today!