Being a dog parent is a lot of responsibility. When you’re out of town, at work, or otherwise unable to take care of them for a period of time, you need to find somebody who will love and care for them the way you do.

At Bark U, we’ll welcome your pup into our family for as long as you need. Whether it’s just for a few afternoons a week while you’re at the office or for a month while you’re visiting family across the country, you can trust that your dog will be in great hands with us.

Dog Boarding in Bryn Mawr

Hours of play, a group of doggy friends, and a cozy relaxation spot await your dog when you board them with us in Bryn Mawr. All our staff members are trained in dog behavior and safety and are constantly supervising our boarding guests, so you can feel confident they are always in a secure environment.

Your dog will play with their designated group during the day and rest in a comfortable crate when they need to reenergize or it’s time to go to bed. We also have extra services available during their stay, such as training sessions and grooming services. By the time you pick them up, it’ll be hard to get them to go home!

Dog Daycare in Bryn Mawr

Neither you nor your dog like them staying home bored while you’re at work during the day. Why not let them spend those hours somewhere they can get some socialization and stimulation instead?

Dog daycare at Bark U in Bryn Mawr has over 7,500 square feet of play area where our dogs can run and play together. They’ll have enrichment activities and playground equipment specifically designed to keep them active and excited, while our team makes sure they’re staying safe. We even offer a convenient transportation service—the Bark U bus—that will pick them up from your house and drop them off at the end of the day.

For more information about our enriching dog boarding and dog daycare options in Bryn Mawr, get in touch with Bark U today!