Just like you wouldn’t leave your child with someone you don’t trust, you don’t want to leave your dog with someone you’re not sure can handle their care. If you’re going to truly enjoy your time away or be productive at the office, you need to know your pup is somewhere they’re having fun and being well-cared for. In Ardmore, that place is Bark U.

Bark U is a top-of-the-line dog boarding and daycare facility that keeps dogs safe, happy, and healthy while their owners are away. Staffed with dog behavior specialists and training experts, you can rest assured that our team will keep your dog smiling.

Ardmore Dog Boarding Services

We understand that going on vacation or out of town when you have a dog can be tricky. That’s why we provide elite dog boarding services to ensure you and your dog are comfortable while you’re away from Ardmore.

During the day, your pup will be burning energy in specialized playgroups and heading to their cozy crate for rest in between sessions and at night. Dogs are always supervised in our boarding facility by highly trained staff who monitor your dog’s safety and give them a fun and stimulating experience.

Ardmore Dog Daycare Services

Do you work a 9-5 job and feel bad about leaving your pup at home all day? Bark U also offers dog daycare services in Ardmore to make their days fun and interesting. Let your dog play with canine friends in our indoor and outdoor play areas, relax, and exercise the day away.

Our team will be there to make sure everyone is getting along. We’ll teach them how to interact and play appropriately, so they become better-behaved dogs and can fully enjoy their time at daycare.

Additional Dog Care Services

Bark U also offers other convenient services for dogs who board with us or attend daycare, including:

  • Dog Training—Choose from multiple training program levels where your dog can learn positive behaviors, basic obedience, how to socialize, and even prep to become a therapy dog.
  • Dog Grooming—Give your dog a low-stress trip to the spa when they come in for boarding or daycare. We offer spa baths and full grooming services for all breeds.
  • Bark U Bus—If you don’t have time to drop off and pick up your dog from daycare or boarding, they can take the Bark U bus! Our transportation service will drive to your house, pick up your pup, bring them to our facility, then drop them off at the end of the day. You don’t even have to be home for pickup or drop-off.

Make sure your dog has the fun and receives the care they deserve when you can’t give it to them yourself. Reach out to Bark U in Ardmore, PA to make a reservation for one of our services today!