Choosing a facility to care for your dog while you’re away is not something you do lightly. To ensure you can relax and keep your worry to a minimum, you must fully trust the people responsible for your pup in your absence.

Bark U is a dog boarding kennel in Bryn Mawr that you can feel good about leaving your dog with. Our team of specially trained animal lovers will make your dog feel like they’re on a fun and relaxing vacation just like you.

Dog Boarding Facility in Bryn Mawr

Our dog boarding facility is run with the health and happiness of our canine residents as the top priority. We sanitize our kennels and common areas daily with animal-safe products. Climate control systems help us keep a comfortable temperature and airflow.

Beyond our state-of-the-art facility, Bark U offers a stress-free and enriching boarding experience for dogs in Bryn Mawr. Our staff is trained extensively in everything from dog CPR and first aid to puppy development, canine body language, and more. No one is more qualified or eager to care for your pup and make them feel at home when you’re gone.

Bryn Mawr Dog Daycare, Training & More

When your pup stays at our boarding kennel, all-day group play at our doggie daycare is included. Playing with our other residents and visitors helps keep them mentally stimulated and gives them plenty of exercise when it’s not bedtime or mealtime.

You can also choose an enrichment package if your dog needs extra stimulation or prefers socializing at a slower pace.

Along with dog boarding and daycare, Bark U provides dog training and dog grooming services at our Bryn Mawr facility. So, whether you just want a place for your dog to play and relax safely, or you want to treat them to new enrichment exercises or a spa day, we have you covered.

Take your next trip out of town with the peace of mind that your dog is in the best care they could be when they can’t be in yours. Contact Bark U about our dog boarding services in Bryn Mawr today!