One of the biggest challenges of having a dog is figuring out what to do with them when planning to travel. Not everyone has family nearby or a trustworthy friend who will look after their beloved pet.

In such cases, fear not. Bark U is here to provide compassionate care and companionship to your beloved dog. We treat the amazing pets that come our way as if they are our own.

State of the Art Facilities

Those who visit Bark U state of the art dog facility in King of Prussia, PA are struck by the luxurious accommodations we provide. We take pet care very seriously and it is our mission to be an extension of the bond you have with your dog. Our dog boarding and kennel services are second to none.

Boarding, Kennel Services, and Dog Training

front desk inside of the office

You never have to worry about whether or not your dog is having a good time with us. Think of Bark U as a vacation for your pet while you go off and do your traveling thing. We give you the peace of mind to enjoy your travels and make the most of whatever comes your way when you’re on the road.

Not only do we provide daycare and boarding services, but we also have expert dog trainers on hand to ensure your dog continues to get the necessary care, structure, and attention that you would normally provide.

Get in Touch with Bark U Today!

Bark U is a great place for your dog or puppy to relax, get a little socialization, and engage in fun and constructive activities. Contact Bark U today to learn more about our state-of-the-art facility in King of Prussia, PA, our commitment to providing the best boarding and kennel services in the region, and how we can help you travel with less stress.