Daycare and Boarding Enrollment

We love to see dogs play and enjoy themselves. However, we recognize not every dog loves being in a group play environment and/or sleeping away from home. We take our guests’ comfort very seriously, which is why we require every dog to go through a Temperament Assessment with one of our Behavior Specialists prior to utilizing our daycare or boarding services. This is to ensure that every dog here will be happy and benefit from the programs and services we offer.

What you can expect during a Temperament Assessment:

  • A 1:1 consultation with one of our Behavior Specialists to address concerns, discuss the Enrollment Application, and learn about Bark U and the services we provide.
  • We will asses your dog(s) behavior when away from you and conduct a gentle body assessment to check for any sensitivities to handling. (It is vital for our team of caretakers to know of prior surgeries, personality preferences and sensitivities so we may ensure that your dog is set up for success and that our staff can provide the utmost care to your dog while here.)
  • We will introduce your dog(s) to a few of our socially appropriate dogs to observe their interaction and comfort level.
  • Lastly, we will discuss with you our observations. If your dog is uncomfortable, we will discuss steps you can take to make your dog more comfortable, as well as offer suggestions for alternatives. If your dog is comfortable and going to benefit from our services then he/she will be accepted into our daycare and boarding facility.


We want you to leave Bark U feeling confident, educated and satisfied with the quality of service and care we provide. Bark U is unlike any other dog facility and we take pride in providing excellence. We recognize the tedious process it takes for owners to locate a high quality grooming, training, daycare and boarding facility, so we’ve taken it up a notch! We welcome you to return for a 15 minute Campus Tour during our Open House hour every Saturday from 12PM – 1PM. Our staff will personally guide you through our facility, introduce you to our staff, and show you how awesome and different we truly are from ANY facility around.

Still don’t believe us? Read our reviews! You can find us on Facebook, Yelp and Google Reviews.

Daycare and Boarding Enrollment Application

Fill out the following information to apply enrollment. Once we receive your information, you will be contacted by a Bark U staff member. If you need something immediately, please call us.
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