We love our local veterinarians! Maintaining great relationships between vets and boarding facilities helps to ensure that every dog is receiving top quality care across all the aspects of their lives. Many of our personal vets even bring their dogs to Bark U! Hear what some of the owners of local Veterinary Hospitals have to say about us!

  • Katie in her uniform
    Drs. Katie and Lew Springer, DVM
    Owners of Havertown Animal Hospital

    We have been sending our dog, Heidi, to Bark U for daycare and boarding since she was a little puppy. Christine and her team have been exceptionally kind, caring and responsible with Heidi from the first day she was there. Daycare really helped with her puppy energy and as a four-year-old she still continues going there weekly (the Bark U Bus has also been a lifesaver!)

    Heidi is a certified therapy dog and we think the love and care she has received at Bark U really helped with her training. We highly recommend Bark U and are so grateful to have them!

  • Carrie Sutor, VMD
    Carrie Sutor, VMD
    Owner of Gladwyne Animal Hospital

    Not only do our pet parents and patients love going to Bark U, but we also love sending them to Bark U. Christine and her team are a no BS crew. They know what they are doing and genuinely care about every dog that walks through the door. They are experts at reading dog behavior, which is critical to keeping pets safe not only physically, but also emotionally when they are in a doggie day care or boarding situation. Christine and her team are always putting the pets first. If something goes less than perfectly, or your pet is having any type of issue, rest assured that you and your vet will be notified immediately. You will never get that feeling that that anything is hidden because they simply have nothing to hide. I feel completely confident recommending Bark U for our patients for doggie day care and boarding. And the Bark Bus? C’mon, it is just the cutest and most convenient thing imaginable. I cannot tell you the smile it brings me to see in person and videos of my patients wagging and rushing onto the bus at pick up.

  • Dr. Andrew Heller, DVM
    Dr. Andrew Heller, DVM
    IndeVet#1 at IndeVets

    Dog owned by HellerWe’ve been sending our dog, Dagny, to Bark U for four years now, and haven’t thought twice about moving her anywhere else. The team at Bark U takes great care of her and always updates us while we’re away with cute photos and report cards. She seems to love her time there with her friends and is always excited to run in when we drop her off. I always trust that she’s in great hands there, which gives me peace of mind while we’re away.

  • Dr. Lawrence Gallagher with a dog
    Dr. Lawrence Gallagher, DVM
    Owner of Villanova Veterinary Hospital

    Molly, our beloved ‘Mississippi White-Tipped Snipe Hound,’ was adopted by my wife and I at just 9 weeks old. Shortly thereafter, we enrolled her in Bark U’s Puppy Socialization Program. Molly thrived in the Puppy Program and later earned her well-deserved bachelor’s degree from Bark U’s Undergraduate Program.

    Post-graduation, Molly has been attending Doggy Day Care at Bark U three times a week, and we couldn’t be happier with the experience. The convenience of the BarkU bus service, which picks up and returns Molly, has been a wonderful service. Every morning, Molly is very excited to see the bus drivers arrive and is ready for a day filled with her many daycare friends.

    As both a pet owner and veterinarian, I have been very happy with Bark U and am always happy to see how excited Molly gets when the BarkU bus pulls up. And, Molly is always tired when she comes home at the end of the day!

    Thanks for taking such wonderful care of Molly!