Top Reasons to Get Your Dog Professionally Groomed

Dog getting its nails trimmed

Your dog should be groomed every four to six weeks, and while you don’t always need to do a complete full service on them each time, having a rotation of baths and haircuts is a great way to go about things! While many attempt to groom their dogs at home, it often leads to scratches, whimpers, and a soaking wet floor (and a soaking wet human!). Taking your dog to the groomer is not only easier on both owner and pup, but is safer and more effective.

Below are three main reasons why it is best to get your dog professionally groomed.

Creates a Positive Association

Creating a positive association with grooming is key in ensuring future grooming sessions are a breeze. This generally means starting young; however, late is better than never! Our team takes every precaution to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable, leading to happy, clean pups!

Less Risk for Injury

The last thing you want is to injure yourself or your pup while grooming them. Pups can get scared! And as they get bigger, if a positive association is not created, they will continue to be scared and act on their emotions.

Professionals Know Dogs

Sometimes, it is as simple as that. Professional groomers know dogs, and are trained to ensure total safety and comfort. They know what breeds have undercoats, what breeds need specific grooming, what breeds can be a bit dramatic, and most importantly, how to identify and treat skin conditions.

Some skin conditions that groomers can identify are fleas, mites, and allergies.

At Bark U, we love each pup like it’s our own, and we understand that a full-body groom may not be feasible or necessary for each visit! We offer A La Carte services, as well as our tidy-up groom! For a full breakdown of our services, and to book an appointment, visit us online!

We offer not only grooming, but also doggie daycaretraining, and boarding! We have over 7,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas, including enrichment activities, pools, tunnels, and playgrounds.

If you’re interested in having your dog enroll in Bark U – Register here and request a temperament assessment. To learn more about our other services, visit us online or call us at 215-486-2200 today!