What We’re All About

Our Mission

blockquote-iconOur mission is to create happy pets and happy owners!

We fulfill this mission by providing a place that owners can trust to teach their dogs to become confident, well-mannered K9 citizens as well as providing a comforting place to take great care of their dogs while they are at work, on vacation or simply when their pet needs to burn off energy!


What Makes Us Special?

We are not your average dog training, boarding, daycare and grooming facility! At Bark U, your pup is always learning and having fun, positive experiences. The time we spend with your dog is not only fun and exciting but it is also educational and structured. All of the services we offer are centered on positive experiences so that when your pet is with us he/she is having the best time possible.

How Do We Accomplish This?

Not only is the owner and senior staff Certified Professional Dog Trainers but we are also behavior professionals, puppy experts and educators! Among many things, our staff is educated in canine body language and behavior, play management, early puppy development, socialization, temperament testing/assessing, and Canine CPR and First Aid. With this extensive canine knowledge we can ensure your dog is having an enriching, safe, happy and positive experience.

Our Socialization Philosophy

Proper canine socialization is the most crucial part in raising a confident and friendly dog. It is important to never under-estimate the importance of taking the time to socialize your dog. There are a lot of misconceptions about socialization, and we educate our clients and socialize their dogs the correct way. Our socialization plans are tailored to your dog’s particular needs. Together, we can help your pup grow and develop into a behaviorally stable, well-socialized and happy dog.

Our Training Philosophy

Training is critical to developing a healthy relationship with your dog. Training and learning is an ongoing process through your dog’s life. We make training fun for both you and your dog!

About Our Methods

We use evidence-based, methods in training. We focus on positive reinforcement and management to strengthen desired behaviors and extinguish undesirable ones.

What happens when your dog gets something right?

When your dog does something right during training, we reinforce that behavior with food, praise, and play. We teach our clients how to use positive reinforcement to strengthen desired behaviors.

What happens when your dog gets something wrong?

First, we determine why your dog was not successful. Second, depending on the behavior and the reasons for the unsuccessful behavior, we will make a plan to help your dog be successful in the future. Our plan might include adjusting training mechanics, ignoring the unsuccessful behavior, or managing the environment to prevent the undesired behavior. We do not use or endorse methods that cause your dog fear, pain, or discomfort.


We invite you to explore our programs and discover the one that is right for you!