Dog Training Services

Training, Training, Training! We at Bark U can’t stress enough that the best way to have a great pet, that is a care free member of your family, is to start training when your dog is young and keep it up!

Training is critical in order to have a respectful relationship and happy life with your dog. It is important that you and everyone in your household learn how dogs learn so you can understand how to communicate and follow through with dog training. That provides the best and successful learning environment, and also will enhance desired behaviors and will diminish undesirable ones. This is key to having a great relationship with your dog.


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At Bark U we use positive reinforcement and reward-based training. Our proven training methods offer the greatest opportunity of a stress free relationship with your dog. Our goal is to help you understand how your dog thinks using gentle, non-force, positive training methods.

Training and learning is an on going process throughout your dogs life and once your dog is finished with one of our training programs, it will be up to you and everyone in the household to continue to practice reinforcing these training methods.

We invite you to explore the many different training programs we offer at Bark U and discover the one that is right for you!

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