Bark U’s Therapy Dog Prep-Course

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Do you think your dog has what it takes to be a Therapy Dog?
Are you interested in helping your local community by becoming a Therapy Dog Team?

If the answer is “Yes,” this 6-week prep-course to train your dog to provide comfort and affection to people is for you!


  • All interested teams must first complete a temperament assessment to ensure their dog is a good candidate for therapy work. Although our dogs give us unconditional love, not all dogs are a good fit for therapy work. If it is determined your dog has the appropriate temperament for the job and will enjoy the work then you will be approved to enroll in the course.
  • Dogs need to be at least 1-year old




Why enroll in this course?

  • Therapy Dog Training allows you and your dog to give to those who need it most. It is extremely fulfilling and rewarding, for both the Therapy Dog Team, and the people you are able to visit. Therapy dogs can visit many different types of facilities, like nursing homes, hospitals, schools, rehab facilities, clinics, airports and libraries, and can bring comfort and joy to many different kinds of people.
  • According to the American Kennel Club, “Therapy dog candidates should be naturally calm, friendly and affectionate to strangers. They also need to be well trained in basic obedience, able to easily adapt to novel noises, places, smells, and equipment. Therapy dog organizations also require that therapy dogs be healthy and have regular wellness check-ups and be well-groomed, clean and brushed at the time of all visits.”


What breeds/dogs are welcome?

  • Any breed of dog can be a therapy dog, as long as the dog is at least one year old, and shows no signs of aggression or fear/anxiety.
  • Therapy dogs need to enjoy their work, so not all dogs may be suited for this job.
  • Therapy dogs need to be prepared for all kinds of distractions, and need to respond to these things with calmness and stability. They must learn to be well-adjusted to all kinds of medical equipment, including but not limited to wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, IVs, gurneys, etc, as well as having nice manners, like not jumping on people, not shying away from touch or treats, being okay when left alone, and more.


What will my dog learn?

  • We will be focusing on Basic Obedience (sit, down, come, stay, loose leash walking, and manners)
  • We will be teaching the dog to work through distractions and getting accustomed to items such as wheelchairs, loud noises or beeping medical equipment, screaming children, and more.


How much does the Therapy Prep-Course cost?

Therapy Dog Assessment Fee $60.00
Single Team Rate: (One Dog/One Handler) $400.00
Group Team Rate (3 Team Max) $300.00 per team

At the end of the 6-week program, you will be offered to take your Therapy Dog Certification test by our partners at Comfort Carine Canines.      

Please view these requirements before signing up, making sure your dog is capable of these tasks, or capable of learning these tasks. 

If you think your dog is a good candidate, Call today to set up your temperament assessment