What makes our grooming service different? That’s easy! We help our dog clients feel confident and comfortable being groomed so that they have a positive experience!

Our staff is trained in low-stress grooming techniques!

Many grooming businesses try and get as many dogs in and out of the door as possible. At Bark U, we focus on taking our time to make sure each dog being groomed is as comfortable with the process as possible. Instead of pushing through and trying to get the process done fast, we take our time to set everyone up for success. When done this way it allows for grooming to be a positive experience as opposed to a scary one and decreases stress and anxiety.

The Bark U grooming staff is trained by our professional trainer to positively handle the dogs and make it as low-stress as possible. Our staff spends time with each individual dog desensitizing (slowly introducing something at a pace that keeps the dog feeling comfortable) and counter conditioning (pairing potentially scary experiences with something that the dog finds pleasant), in order to build trust and a long-term happy relationship. For example, when we practice touching ears or looking at teeth, we first touch the dog’s ears/teeth gently at first and pair each touch with a tiny, delicious treat.

We always move at a pace at which the dog can handle and makes them comfortable. For this reason and for the long-term goal of establishing a relationship that will lead to a pleasant, easy and safe grooming routine for years to come, we only go as far and as fast as is comfortable for each dog!

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We also offer the following Cat Grooming Services every 2nd Sunday of the Month!

  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Signature Spa Bath
  • Brush-out
  • Mat Removal