Our Faculty

Christine Egbert

Christine Egbert, CPDT-KA, Owner and Head Trainer

Growing up, I had every type of animal you can imagine. After I graduated college I began raising Izzy, a Sheltie/Beagle mix, who was the inspiration for my dog training career.

I absolutely fell in love with Izzy and we began training in agility and tricks. When I’d take Izzy hiking, people would ask, “How do you have such a well-mannered and loveable dog?” Some people even asked me to train their dogs! The more I thought about these experiences, the more I wanted to help fellow dog owners enjoy their dogs. I wanted to work with families to create the healthy and happy relationships with their dogs that I’d created with Izzy.

Soon after, Bark U was born! If it’s helping families pick out the right puppy, teaching puppy manners, or collaborating with families to help with challenging behaviors, I want to help. I specialize in puppy development and socialization, and I strive to provide owners with information to set their puppies up for a lifetime of success.

In addition to great training services, I also want to provide a stress-free place people can trust to send their dogs and know they are getting the best care. My goal is to run a safe, healthy daycare as well as be a well known resource for positive reinforcement training in the community. I truly love this business and feel proud that we can offer such a different type of daycare service.

Codi Ostroski

Codi Ostroski, Daycare and Boarding Attendant, Driver

Hello! I’m Codi, I’ve been working in the daycare and boarding industry for about a year and I love it. I have three dogs at home and they are not the smartest bunch but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I also have a bunny named Bubby and she is the best. I have always wanted to work with animals and I love the outdoors so working for Bark U is a great way for me to do just that. My favorite part of working for Bark U is being able to play and interact with the dogs while working side by side with the trainers and learning how to positively handle, train, and manage the dogs. It is a complete change from what I have seen at other facilities in the past.

Jamie Marshall

Jamie Marshall, Low-Stress Groomer

Hey there! I’m Jamie. I have been grooming for four years and I love it. I am extremely passionate about animals (I have 8 myself) and love what I do. My favorite part of grooming is not only working with the dogs but also interacting and building relationships with my clients. I am an outgoing person and really love the relationships I have with my clients. I also really enjoy the low-stress grooming experience that we provide at Bark U. Grooming can be very stressful for dogs and it’s a much better experience for me to groom a dog that is fine with being handled and groomed. Being able to take my time and use the low-stress techniques to make the dog less stressed and anxious makes a world of a difference.

Mac Ballas

Mac Ballas, Office Manager

I am responsible for the overall office operations of Bark U. If you have any questions… I’ve got the answers. I truly love this business and am so proud to be a part of being able to offer such great, safe and healthy services to dog owners in this area. I spend a lot of time making sure all of our clients are happy and things are in order. My goals in life is to become a canine handler for the police and I love that I can learn about the dogs and handling while I am here.

Olivia Deal

Olivia Deal, Receptionist

Hi! I’m Olivia. I am Bark U’s front desk receptionist. I have always had a passion to work with animals and care for those in need. Currently, I am a sophomore in college and am pursuing my degree in Nursing. After college I hope to work with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. l absolutely love working at Bark U and love all the dogs!

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber, CPDT-KA, Animal Behavior Specialist

Hey! I’m Sarah, one of the dog trainers at Bark U. I’ve done everything from dog walking, pet sitting, boarding, day camp, bathing and dog training. Yes, I love dogs! Dogs are my favorite creatures on the planet. Like humans, all dogs have their own personalities and learning rates that’s what I love. I am passionate about teaching canine handling, canine fitness, obedience, socialization, agility and, everything in between. I love watching owners and canine handlers create a strong bond with their dog in a positive way. I have two dogs, a chocolate lab named Nate and a German Shepherd named Abi. They are heaps of fun to train and relax with.

Lukas Carroll

Lukas Carroll, Canine Caregiver

I may be terrible at bowling (highest score 54) but I excel in running, my personal record is 11.3 seconds for a 100m run. Hi there; I’m Lukas. Currently, I am aspiring to become a veterinary technician and really enjoy all of the behavior training that I am learning at Bark U and how to safely and properly handle the animals. When I am not at Bark U you can find me hanging out with my 13lb best friend George. He is a chihuahua mix and is too smart for his own good!

Ben Swartz

Ben Swartz, Canine Caregiver

Hey. I’m Ben. I came to Bark U after graduating with my bachelors in Ecology and Evolution. Throughout college, I worked as an animal caregiver at the Philadelphia Zoo. I came to Bark U because I wanted the opportunity to learn more about animal behavior and to work with dogs aside from my own. I am proud owner of Zoey. She is my eight year old German Shepard Mix and she is my world.