New Dog Consults

Not sure how to go about getting the right dog for you or your family? Let the experts help!

Whether you are interested in adopting a dog through a rescue or purchasing a dog from a breeder, we highly recommend hiring us to make sure you are making the right decision. Selecting the wrong breed or mix from a breeder or rescue, or selecting the right breed from a less than reputable breeder, can lead to an unhappy and unhealthy situation, and can be devastating to you and your family. Our evaluation will ensure the dog will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

With plenty of experience temperament testing and evaluating dogs, we have the skills needed to assess any potential new dog. We can easily see behavioral issues or breed traits that cannot be corrected through training. We can also assess energy level, sociability, fearfulness, resource guarding, confidence and long list of other traits that help us determine if the dog is the best fit for you.

Out & About With Puppy

The majority of rescues and breeders do not have the knowledge and background needed to accurately evaluate dogs and place them in the proper homes. Which is one of the reasons there is such a high return rate in rescue. Since dogs are a 10-15 year commitment it is vital to make sure you are getting the perfect match!

Whether you need us to speak directly with the breeder or rescue, visit a breeder’s facility, or provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to select the right dog or breeder, we can help. Making an informed decision when purchasing or adopting a dog makes the world of a difference!


Let us help you get matched perfectly with your new pup!

Per Evaluation $120.00
Hourly Consultation Fee $120.00