Frequently Asked Questions


You may pack your dog a lunch, but we also have many delicious options you can add on to your dog’s day such as an assortment of stuffed Kong’s, marrow bones, and more!

We do not require booking in advance, but we do recommend calling ahead, even on the drive over to ensure we have a spot for you. We occasionally fill up and may have to refuse those that do not have a reservation.

We require assessments for all dogs that come to our facility. Our assessments allow us the opportunity to meet with you, answer questions, address concerns, ensure your expectations and needs are met and to determine if our facility is the best fit for your dog.


We accept food, treats, chews such as antlers/hooves/ears/bully sticks/bones, blankets, t-shirts, towels & appropriately sized dog beds. Unfortunately, we do not accept toys, scoops or bowls of any kind. We have tons at the facility & will make sure your dog feels right at home and has those items. 

We require that all dogs coming to board with us are over 3 months old, have their rabies & distemper vaccinations, or age appropriate vaccines, and has passed their Temperament Assessment (dogs 6 months and older). 

We are different than most facilities! When your dog stays with us, they will receive a full day of supervised play, a cozy place to rest their head, and care from a fully trained staff 24 hours a day whose number 1 priority is the safety & well-being of your dog!


Unfortunately, we are not currently offering private trainings for dogs over 6 months old. We highly recommend Y2K9 & DTCCC.

An orientation gives you the opportunity to meet the trainer that will be working with your dog. It is a great time to ask any questions you may have regarding your dog. This is also a time the trainer can discuss what they will be doing with your dog & can customize the training to your needs (if applicable).

Enrichment daycare adds both mental & physical exercise into your dog’s day such as games and toy play. Training works on specific commands that you would like your pup to know or behaviors that you would like to reinforce/extinguish.


The price greatly depends on breed, size, and condition of your pets coat. Additional charges will apply for de-matting, de-shedding, severe behavioral problems, excessive coat and flea treatments due to the additional time needed. When you arrive for you appointment, you will have a consult with a Certified AKC S.A.F.E. Stylist who can give you a better estimate after looking over your dog.

This depends on each individual dog & the day. We focus on taking our time to make sure each animal is as comfortable with the process as possible & because of this, we cannot give an exact time. However, we will give you a call when your dog is about 20 minutes from being completed. 

A dog’s hair can grow ¼ of an inch to ½ an inch a month. To maintain a healthy, clean, matt free coat, dogs should be groomed on a routine basis of every 4-6 weeks. Your dog does not always have to get an all over haircut, they can rotate between baths and/or tidy grooms.