Enrichment Daycare

Perfectly Balanced Physical and Mental Exercise for your Dog!

The Benefits of Canine Enrichment Daycare

Ever read a few chapters in a book or sit through a seminar and get exhausted? That’s because even though you weren’t doing anything physical your brain was working hard and using up a lot of energy. At Bark U, we recognize this is the same with dogs and we use that to help our client’s dogs become happy and healthy! By adding enrichment and mental activities boredom will be alleviated and the likelihood of your dog developing behavioral issues such as excessive chewing, barking, or counter surfing is decreased. Mental stimulation and enrichment uses your dog’s five senses (taste, touch, sight, sound and smell).

enrichment daycare

Why physical exercise doesn’t always work?

Physical exercise is a great way to get out your dog’s energy but it is not the only exercise your dog needs. You can tire your dog’s body out but his/her mind needs a workout as well. When your dog is destructive or developing bad behaviors one of the solutions is increasing the amount of mental exercise your dog is having!

What does your dog’s day look like?

Your dog will be socializing and playing in the morning with socially appropriate, well-mannered dogs. This wonderful group of dogs is hand-picked by our trainers and senior handlers. The dogs’ will get a break to rest and decompress after playing in the morning. We use rest periods, so we are not over stimulating our dogs or letting them become over aroused. Learning cannot take place if this happens. After the dog’s rest period, the rest of the afternoon is the time we dedicate to our enrichment session. 

Let us help your dog reach their full potential!


Enrichment Daycare Tuition

Full Day
(7:00 am – 6:00 pm)
$65 $630
($63/day x 10)
Full Day with Bark U Bus Service* $77 $750
($75/day x 10)

*Pick up between 8:30 am – 10:00 am and drop off 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm.
**Bark U Bus service is unavailable for half day daycare.


We require each dog to come in for an introductory assessment prior to scheduling boarding reservations. This assessment allows us the opportunity to meet with you, answer questions, address concerns, ensure your expectations and needs are met and to determine if our facility is a best fit for your dog.

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